“Don’t Be Evil”


I can’t accurately illustrate how both nervous and excited I am to intern with Google this summer. Besides the obvious perks–like interning in an office where employees ride around on scooters, having access to free food that  for once is NOT pizza, and experiencing the built-in office slides– the essence of Google is downright amazing in my opinion. Last fall I reluctantly took a course titled, Management Information Systems. (Yawn…I know) The  class I would have originally taken to substitute the credit had JUST been permanently removed so I had no other option…I had to take  MIS 302F, a seemingly dreary and boring course. Yet between my professor’s upbeat teaching methods and the exciting course material, the course revealed an untapped interest of mine: technology.

And then we got to Section 3 of the course: Google. My professor explained how Google has become search king and swiftly grown into its empire today. Their business strategies, from advertising to human resources, are clearly original. And by doing what nobody else is doing, they have tapped into an untapped field. That’s when it clicked for me….if I want to be like everyone, I can do what everyone else is doing. I can follow the societal norm, the yellow-brick road, and probably become quite successful. Yet, to truly live an extraordinary life, one has to go where no one else has even dared to venture and utilize the innovative potential that exists within us. WOAH. I also realized achieving this kind of success not easy–therefore, it takes a whole lot of strategic planning and wit to create something effectively disruptive.

On top of all my amazement, Google’s motto, “don’t be evil,” completely sold me. How simple yet crucial is that statement in the business world?!  Anyone close to me knows that I have a passion for social justice. On top of their reputation for treating their employees and customers phenomenally, Google has several initiatives to reach out and promote equality amongst the LGBTQ community, women in technology, and diversity in the workforce. I was sold. I realized somehow, some way, my broadcast-journalism-self wanted to be a part of this company.

Of course as an intern, I cannot claim that I am a Googler, but I am extremely honored to even get my foot in the door. Why Google decided to hire a broadcast journalism student…no clue. What awaits me upon arrival…Honestly, I barely have any idea.  Yet I am 100% certain that everything happens for a reason, whether I have all the  answers or not.


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