Is it That Obvious I’m not from Here? …Yes


It’s been rainy all day!

I might as well have stepped off the plane with a cowboy hat, boots, and eating breakfast tacos because that’s how blatantly obvious it was that I not from New York! I flew out of San Antonio in a t-shirt and jeans but when I got to New York I discovered, surprise, it’s cold and rainy! And just my luck, I didn’t pack any heavy jackets or rain boots so I look a little crazy walking down the street in a basic t-shirt and jeans. Add in my sleep-deprived face and I think I was the worst-dressed-person in NYC today. The sad thing is that this isn’t even my first time in New York; when I lived up north we would visit the city often. I’ll fix myself up tomorrow!

The most adventurous part of my day was figuring out the subway system, which I epically failed at. I don’t even know where to start, I was just all over the place. Everyone I asked gave me different suggestions but no one actually knew how to help me get from point A to point B. The most common response I received was, “ask someone else.” I also didn’t want to look too lost  because when you look or act like an outsider, you get taken advantage of. I learned that 8th

My lovely dining set that has yet to be set.

My lovely dining set that has yet to be touched.

Avenue is not the same as 8th Street…(once again, this isn’t my first time using the subway system, for some reason I was just really bad city-girl today). So all I could do today was laugh at myself and pray that someone will help me figure it out!  Lucky for me I discovered that my apartment complex offers a free shuttle (yay for being babied!!).

Speaking of my apartment, it’s amazing…like it looks like a museum. It’s only a few blocks away from the heart of Times Square so it’s in an amazing location! Since it’s in such a “hot spot” all I hear are honking horns, ambulances, and the sweet sound of tourists when I wake up. I can deal.

I start my internship tomorrow so I’ll be sure to get it together by then…I’m exhausted!


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