Week 1 : Success

For one, I apologize for my sub-par blogging skills. I definitely thought I would be updating this more frequently but the delay is because I’ve been spending a whole lot more time exploring than stopping to document! My time here has been extremely exciting and I can’t believe it’s only been a week…I’ve learned so much already!

Secondly, I know several friends have asked me for details about my internship at Google, and with the upcoming movie, The Internship, coming into theaters soon I expect even more questions. After a week of orientation I’ve learned how important confidentiality is to a big company. Therefore, since I’d rather be safe than sorry, I will not be posting anything about my Google internship (sorry if you wanted the inside scoop!). The line between public and confidential runs thin so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut!


Drinking Bubble Tea in Chinatown

My internship is only one part of this experience though! I mean, there’s always something to talk about when it comes to NYC. Already I’ve gone the wrong way on the subway…twice, nearly broken my toes off walking so much (I’m wearing sneakers from now on), and nearly froze from the random cold and rainy weather. Additionally, I’ve made several new friends, visited family, eaten amazing food, and experienced some beautiful days. A few of my pictures will provide a slight glance of what I’ve been up to…


Running into Tracy Morgan in Chinatown! He was so nice!


Walking into Central Park on Memorial Day


The Leggo Store that clearly easily amused me.


Image First day of Orientation!

The finished portion of the World Trade Center Monument

The finished portion of the World Trade Center Monument

Going out for Blaire's birthday!

Going out for Blaire’s birthday!

And of course, that’s not everything. Are there any hotspots that I need to visit? Please comment below and let me know (that rhymed!), I’m trying to do it all!  

Also, happy Memorial Day to all active-duty military and veterans! Even though it wasn’t always easy, I’m proud to have grown up in a military family. Thank you to all military personnel, just like my Daddy!


8 thoughts on “Week 1 : Success

  1. Hoang-Kim says:

    Eat at ABC Kitchen, Sushi Yasaka, get a real Chop’t salad! Shop the flash sales around the city (you’ll score amazing deals), make friends with the news intern if you can, so you can go to advance movie screenings (I always got free passes on a weekly basis), go to the High Line if you haven’t, get froyo at 16 Handles, stay away from Crumbs, and find a good cobbler to preserve the shoes you really love. <3 Enjoy!

  2. Paul Wilson says:

    Cathryn, so proud of you taking these first steps in this new phase of your life. Can only imagine what your actual folks are feeling. – Mr. Wilson

  3. Sherlley says:

    What a great first week! I look forward to reading about your future adventures in the big NYC, Cathryn!

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