Week 3: Fellow Life


After meeting the anchors at Good Morning America! I fell in love!

This past week has definitely been the busiest thus far because I began my journey with the International Radio and Television Society (IRTS) Fellowship. For those who haven’t heard of the program, the IRTS summer fellowship allows 23 students interested in digital media to intern in New York City, all expenses paid for. This past week was considered, “Media Boot Camp,” and that’s just how it felt. I took time off from my internship to visit an array of media companies throughout the New York area (VH1, Good Morning America, Food Network, NBC, Huffington Post/AOL, CNBC, Simulmedia, Katz Media, Nielsen) everyday and network with some of the most accomplished media leaders from even more companies—many who are only a few years older than me! I was, and am still, WOW-ed!

The 22 other students I am surrounded by are some of the most passionate and talented students in the country with interests ranging from broadcast news to media buying to law. Already I have found a deep appreciation for our similarities and differences. It’s oh-so refreshing to be in an environment where successful students are not competing against one another, but instead supporting each other! No one is trying to size up the next person—we all respect the fact that we’re different and extremely talented.  What a rarity! Although I woke up at ridiculously early hours this past week, every minute of this life-changing opportunity is enjoyable. Already I can sense the long-term friendships forming!

Of course, this week I return to my internship with Google, but the program is definitely not over yet. We will continue to have several networking and leisure field trips throughout the summer, at least once a week. If you’re interested in digital media of any type please apply for the program in the fall! An amazingly selfless friend referred me to the IRTS website and I truly owe her this experience. Please let me do the same for you! I feel very blessed to be in this position and I was so close to missing the deadline.  DON’T MISS THE DEADLINE, and this goes for anything in life that you want. No matter how big or how slim your odds are, just go for it!  Life is very interesting, and amazing surprises are included.

By the way, it’s raining here…AGAIN!


At the VH1 Offices! (had to throw up the Hook ‘Em!)


The AOL/Huffington Post office was amazing, I absolutely loved it. The office had a Googley vibe!


Visiting the set of CNBC


We were lucky enough to go on the NBC tour! I learned I need to watch more SNL…


Visiting the Food Network!


We were up close and personal!

Living that "Fellow Life"

Living that “Fellow Life”


5 thoughts on “Week 3: Fellow Life

  1. Cassandra Jaramillo says:

    Cathryn, I love reading your blog! Keep up the amazing work in New York City– there’s no doubt that one of the places you visited will be your future home! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

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