Week 8…and 9: I’m Alive

Okay, I know. I missed a week! I tried my hardest not to let this happen but I’m back! I have actually refrained from taking many pictures because they just don’t do justice! This experience is beyond pictures or words, so it’s honestly been hard for me to stop and try to capture it. I’m still constantly in awe.

As much as I love this city I do think about home and the parts that I miss. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not homesick and am not ready to leave. But for anyone who’s considering making the move from Texas to New York, here are some of the big (well, they’re big to me) differences.

  1. Driving: The subway system in NYC is genius and very reliable, yet between this humidity and the constant walking I could go for an air-conditioned car every once in a while. Yet as soon as I get back to Texas I know I’ll be completely done with all the traffic and I’m gaining killer calf muscles!
  2. Salsa: I asked for salsa with my eggs today and the waiter looked at me like I was crazy! Salsa and eggs go together…duh!
  3. Sonic: Sonic happy hour — enough said. Slushies > Slurpies.
  4. Y’all: I will never stop saying “y’all,” despite all of the chuckles I get. What am I supposed to say, “you guys?” Gross.
  5. Southern hospitality: NYC people are actually a lot more hospitable than I had previously assumed, but there’s nothing like the good ole’ southern charm.
  6. Mama Margies: So this is just a San Antonio thing. I’m never going to be able to find 79cent tacos in this city..but if anyone knows of a place PLEASE let me know!
  7. Groceries: I don’t have any groceries here. Don’t ask how that works.
  8. Fresh air & greenery: When I left the City and went to Westchester the other day I realized how foreign trees and fresh air had become to me! Even though Austin is a city, there’s more land and less smog.

Living in Texas for 6 years, I can now claim it as Home so of course, my family and friends are definitely a part of this list.

I’ll catch up soon! This week I’ll be in Ann Arbor, Michigan for retreat: a new adventure!


My mother and I when she came to visit, in Grand Central Station


One of my favorite experiences this whole trip was meeting Melissa Harris-Perry and getting to spend time in Nerdland. She’s such a wonderful woman.


NYC Sunsets.


I may have had no idea what was happening at this Mets v Phillies game, but I still had a great time!


Google Intern outing!


Cool points if you recognize this meme “character.”


Very fun day in Williamsburg!


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