Week 10: Opportunities

Hola everyone! This past week has been amazing and it was so different leaving the City to go into Ann Arbor last week! Ann Arbor is beautiful and I had almost forgotten how beautiful greenery is!

On another note, I’ve been thinking–I’ve had the opportunity to participate in some really cool programs in the last few years due to word of mouth, and my friends have awesome stories as well. Some of these experiences are hidden gems that seem too good to be true.  I’m tired of talking about myself every week in my blog so I really want the focus of this post to be about YOU. Here are some awesome opportunities either I, or friends of mine, have participated in that will give you that “too good to be true” feeling.

1. The University of Alabama Multicultural Journalism Workshop  : [for high school students or incoming college freshman] I attended this workshop the summer before I began college and learned so many great tips about the industry. I still keep in touch with the professionals I learned from and the friends I made. The program is 10 days at the University of Alabama and completely free: food and everything. I was able to use professional equipment and write my first news story, that actually was published on the front page of their newspaper! Great experience, definitely apply. [about 15 students accepted/yr]

2. LEAD Summer Institute : [for high school students] I’ve met students who have participated in this program at various campuses. The program ranges between one and four weeks where students take on a project and learn the ins-and-outs about different industries. Click on the link to learn more.

3. Emma Bowen Foundation : I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THIS ONE BEFORE! The program aims to expose minority students interested in media to corporate company culture. It’s a four-year program and students are matched to intern with a company and visit corporations during school breaks. It’s a great way to lead into a full-time job! [between 70-80 students accepted/yr]

4. International Radio and Television Society : Guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO BROKE TO LIVE IN NEW YORK! Whoooo! I’ve mentioned this program a thousand times but I’ll rave about it once again! The IRTS Foundation sponsors students to live and intern with a company ALL summer in Manhattan, all-expenses paid (housing, flight, etc)! They match you with a company if you need assistance and even supply a stipend if your internship does not pay. Guys…seriously, there’s no catch. It’s a win-win-win. Every week I have visited at least one media corporation and have received the opportunity to network and have coffee with some of the greatest industry leaders. Our supervisor, Lauren, is an amazing mentor and the students in the group are some of my favorite people in the world. I can’t say enough about this amazing program! [about 20 students accepted/yr]

5. Excellence in Journalism Conference : I haven’t been yet, but later this summer I’ll be in Anaheim attending the EIJ Conference, all expenses paid. Apply for one of their scholarships so you can participate in their workshops and connect with media professionals at the conference. I’ll have more to share after I go!

6. Multicultural Advertising Intern Program : If you’re an advertising intern (or at least interested in agency-life) apply for this program! I have several friends who did and are now interning in Atlanta, Memphis, San Francisco and New York! Through this program students are matched to intern with an agency, network with advertising professionals, and attend agency seminars. Students pay a flat rate of $1000 and everything is taken care of, including flights and housing! [about 125 accepted/yr]

Of course there are several more fellowship/job/internship opportunities (like the BOLD internship program at Google!) but here are the ones that I can think of at midnight rushing to get this post out (hehe). Remember, since these programs are application-based they’re not offered to everybody. Hard work pays off!  If you know of any more cool opportunities, please share with others!

And of course, pictures….


The balcony of my office on a beautiful night.


Ann Arbor Office


I’ve become obsessed with museums.


It took us forever to get here due to the train traffic, but it was well worth it!


Random trips to the beach are the best


Every time I go to Williamsburg I experience something new.


Because I had to throw up the peace sign.


Ann Arbor definitely has a cute old-timey feel.


Brunch with my girls–my favorite meal of the day!


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