Week 11: How to NOT Act Like a Tourist

nyc tourist
I had written something deep and heartfelt for this post but I just deleted the entire thing–I think I’ll save that for my good-bye to New York and today’s not the day for mushy emotions. So instead, I want to share with everyone VERY valuable tips that need to be shared to the entire world.

Let me give a back story: I live right off of Times Square, meaning that in order to get to work/anywhere, I have to go into Times Square…every New Yorkers’ nightmare. The bane of my existence every morning is dealing with the herds of tourists that just don’t know how to act! Yes, I realize that I’ve been here exactly 11 weeks and shouldn’t be judging BUT I’m pretty sure I didn’t act that horrible. Anyways, here are some tips on how NOT to be the most annoying person in New York City.

How to NOT Act like a Tourist

1. Move. Seriously, it’s that simple. I’m most likely running late to work and rushing to catch a hot and sticky subway that I will probably end up missing by a millisecond. I’ve already mentally prepared myself for this scenario to be the start of my morning, so the least you could do is NOT stop right in the middle of a busy sidewalk. I’m happy you’re on vacation and clearly have absolutely no place to be, but I do. Thanks.

2. Don’t try to take a picture from across the sidewalk and expect everyone to wait for it to be taken. Who do you think you are? Just expect to have lots of people walking through your shot.

3. I get lost all of the time but do I carry around a foldable map? No. Download the PDF of the subway lines on your phone. We’re in the year 2013 and that map is TOO big.

4. Look at your MetroCard. You see on the bottom how it tells you EXACTLY the direction and side to swipe it on? Yeah, how nifty– follow that. Don’t be that person who slows down everyone because they didn’t pay attention to simple directions. And it’s a swipe…not a scan, not a dip, a swipe!

5. Don’t blow your money. Hanging in Times Square, you’re guaranteed to find the highest prices in New York. It’s a tourist trap and people are willing to pay unreasonable prices. Yes, New York City in general is a bit pricey but think–do I really need to pay $28 for a Statue of Liberty keychain?

6. Don’t be cheap. I know this contradicts the previous tip but come on, you’re in New York. Don’t make a big deal that the McDonald’s down the street doesn’t have a dollar menu and that the McDouble costs $1.79 instead of $1.00 (it’s sad, I know). And don’t be like my father who packed homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the entire day!!

7. Are fanny packs ever okay? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

8. I know it’s hard to resist but please, for your own sake, don’t buy the “I <heart> NY” T-shirt…or bag…or visor. And definitely don’t wear it all day. 

Okay, I’m just being light-hearted (sorta). By all means, enjoy your vacation to New York and if that includes looking like a flaming tourist then so be it; you won’t be alone. I love when people ask me for directions because I get real excited when I know the route, ha.

This week is my final week at my internship and I have a huge presentation to prepare, wish me luck!


Headed out to Rye, NY this weekend to spend some great time with my cousins.


Google Boat Party on the Hudson!


We may have had a photoshoot on the boat


Picture stolen from Shelbey!


Chillin on the Google balcony.


My munchkins!


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