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Happy MLK Day! I just got back from reporting on a rally and march in honor of Martin Luther King Jr that began at the Martin Luther King monument. The story is coming soon!

Visiting the National American History Museum

Visiting the National American History Museum

Until then, I wanted to bring attention to an issue I’ve faced throughout college. I can’t be the only person who has had this conversation:

*Approach super successful person who is doing everything in life that I want to do*

Me: Wow, you’ve accomplished so much. I admire your work ethic, how do you do it?

Super successful person who is doing everything in life that I want to do: *shrug* I don’t know…

Me: … I mean, how did you learn about all these amazing opportunities you’ve participated in?

Super successful person who is doing everything in life that I want to do: I don’t know…it just…happens.


Seriously? You don’t know? You don’t any kind of steps or advice? I’m genuinely asking for help and you’re here trying to be modest. Since I don’t want to be “that person” who doesn’t want to share any industry secrets, here is a list of almost everything I have ever thought about applying for as a college student. If you have any questions, I will answer.

If you want to have the best summer of your life, regardless of major:

1. Google BOLD Internships – all expenses paid

Deadline in December

I had the time of my life interning for Google last summer! The company culture is unlike any other and I learned so much about how to incorporate technology, business, and creativity into the things I’m passionate about. I truly respect this company and its values. After experiencing life as a Noogler, you won’t want to go back home—trust me.

2. International Radio and Television Society Foundationall expenses paid

Deadline in November

Another amazing program that is the only one of its kind. The IRTS Foundation accepts 23 students of any major to intern in New York City for nine weeks. The foundation matches students with an internship that either they see fit or of the intern’s choosing. Not only did I make some of my best friends through this program, but also great connections in the City. Can’t stop raving!

3. Hallmark UNCF Scholars Program

Deadline in November

For those who are interested in business management, logistics, finance, or creative industries, Hallmark headquarters hires 50 to 60 students to intern in Kansas City for the summer. I honestly don’t know a lot about this program but I’ve heard very positive reviews about the Hallmark industries.

4. Minority Access’ National Diversity & Inclusion Internship Program

Multiple deadline periods

The program offers students of any background career opportunities with the federal government by assigning them  internships in Washington DC. Interns are given a weekly stipend and transportation costs are covered.

5. T-Howard Internship Program

Deadline in December

This internship program places students in one of several cities to provide paid full-time summer internships in the multimedia and entertainment industries. Students have access to networking events and scholarship opportunities. Sample internships are CNN News, BBC Worldwide America, C-SPAN, Viacom, and many more.

6. The Office of the White House

Multiple deadline periods

Who doesn’t want to work inside the White House? If interested in living in Washington DC the White House offers semester internships for college students in several different offices. A friend of mine worked in the Office of the First Lady!

7. Multicultural Advertising Internship Program

Deadline in December

This program will place students in one of many cities throughout the U.S. to intern for a local advertising agency. With a $1,000 payment, the program will cover travel and housing expenses, so interns just have to focus on their work at hand. Many advertising friends have highly recommended this program and are trying to participate as many times possible.

8. William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship

Multiple deadline periods

Hearst Fellows research, write, perform logistical and administrative support for Philanthropy and Social Innovation in Washington, DC. I honestly don’t know what that really means but hey, check it out.

9. Southwest Airlines NoLimits Internship 

Multiple deadline periods

This was named one of the greatest internships ever and I understand why. Not only is the internship located in Dallas, Texas, but interns are also allowed to travel ANYWHERE in the world for free. Yes, I said free flights anywhere. There are internships available in dozens of departments.

 If you want to take your journalism skills to the next level:

1. Scripps Howard Foundation Wire Semester in Washingtonall expenses paid

Multiple program dates, multiple deadline periods

My current internship! The program relocates interns to Washington DC and provides housing and a living stipend to offset the cost of interns’ expenses. We report daily for the SHFWire service for other news entities to pick up. Interns receive a press pass to gain access into some of the most exclusive places in Washington, like the White House (woohoo!). In a week I’ve had assignments in the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon. It’s one of the best ways to experience Washington.

2. CBC-UNC Diversity Fellowship Programall expenses paid

Program in March, deadline in December

Spend your spring break in North Carolina for a week of broadcast journalism training at the University of North Carolina. Local news station WRAL-TV hosts the hands-on workshop and offers tracks for reporters, producers, photojournalists, and web editors. Twelve students are chosen and the program provides housing and a travel stipend.

3. News 21all expenses paid

Summer program, deadline in the fall depending on the university

This program requires a professor nomination so talk to a journalism professor about the program to see if your school funds it. If so, students participate in an all-expenses paid summer in Phoenix, Ariz. practicing investigative reporting. Each year the school hosts a topic that is to be explored through different modes of investigative journalism (this year’s topic is “guns”). I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews about this program.

4. The New York Times summer internships

Summer program, deadline in October

The NYT offers a 10-week internship program for all areas of journalism including, political, video, digital, and interactive reporting. There are several different opportunities within this internship

5. The New York Times Summer Institute

Program in June, deadline in November

Each year the NYT offers a two-week program for students to report on real-world issues with the assistance of NYT journalists. On odd-numbered years students of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists participate in Tuscon, and on even-numbered years students of the National Association of Black Journalists travel to New Orleans. Students are provided with housing, transportation, and a weekly stipend.

6. Google Journalism Fellowshipall expenses paid

Summer program, deadline in January

This summer program that kicks off in Mountain View, Cali is for those interested in journalism, coding, and improving information systems. The program intends to teach journalists how to keep up with the latest technology to tell stories in a new and dynamic way and assure that important news is accessible. The program provides a stipend for housing, travel, and living expenses.

7. The Dow Jones News Fund

Summer program, deadline in November

For those interested in pursuing digital, sports, business, and news reporting. The Dow Jones News Fund internship takes place at various universities, including the University of Texas (hook ’em). Students must take an AP and current events test to be eligible for the internship, so check if your university offers the test.

8. IHS Journalism Internship Program

Multiple program dates, multiple deadline periods

The program places journalism interns at eight-week internships pursuing one of four tracks: investigative, broadcast, new media, and print. The program provides a travel stipend.

9. Dallas Morning News Internship

Multiple program dates, multiple deadline periods

If you’re interested in print journalism I’ve heard nothing but positive remarks about the Dallas Morning News internship program. They offer students plenty of hands-on experience in the newsroom.

10. Washington Media Institute

Multiple program dates, multiple deadline periods

This program matches students with internships in Washington DC. A friend who participated worked for Smithsonian Magazine and truly enjoyed the program. The program guarantees a strong portfolios for interns to take away.  Recruiters from the organization hold informational meetings on campuses, so visit their website to see when they’ll be at yours next.

11. Chips Quinn Scholar

Multiple program dates, multiple deadline periods

Scholars are matched with a newspaper in various towns throughout the country to intern. The program is primarily for print journalism students.

 If you want money:

1. The George Foreman Tribute to Lyndon B. Johnson Scholarship

Deadline in September

This is definitely a cool scholarship to receive if you’re a UT broadcast journalism student. Not only is the recipient awarded $6,000, but he or she also attends the Excellence in Journalism Conference. Last year it was in Anaheim, meaning free Disneyland tickets! It also meant networking with recruiters from ABC, NPR, CNN, NBC and much more.

2. James Alan Cox Scholarship

Deadline in December

For students passionate about photojournalism or video journalism, this scholarship provides a $2,500 to six deserving students in honor of the late James Alan Cox.

3. ACES Scholarship for copy editors

Deadline in November

I think the nature of the scholarship is in the title.

4. AP-Google Scholarship

Deadline in February

If you have experience and an interest in both journalism and technology, it’s worth applying for this $7,500 scholarship. Yes, Google really awards students who do “cool things that matter.”

5. National Press Club Scholarships

Multiple deadline periods

Not only do recipients receive scholarship money, but they are also invited to the awards ceremony in Washington DC. The National Press Club is actually just minutes away from my office here!

There are several opportunities that I would have strived to pursue if only I had known about them! So with this list I hope to help someone benefit from a fun and enlightening experience!

On another note, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow so pray for my poor brittle Texas bones.

Was very much inspired by Colonel Gadson's keynote speech in honor of MLK. Colonel Gadson lost both of his legs in war but is still commander of Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Was very much inspired by Colonel Gadson’s keynote speech in honor of MLK. Colonel Gadson lost both of his legs in war but is still commander of Fort Belvoir, Virginia.


Exploring with some of the other Scripps interns


Watching the sun rise from the Pentagon


Reporting from the Hill on a rainy day this week.

Still excited that I live right next to the National Zoo!

Still excited that I live right next to the National Zoo!


Enjoying brunch in Alexandria, Maryland.


After a day of reporting


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