Yea or Nay

FIRST, that little league game we referred to as the Super Bowl was embarrassing.

SECOND, I am going to speak for just a moment about how awesome it was attending the State of the Union Address Tuesday night. I had to arrive at the Capitol five hours before the speech began but it was worth it. Watching the first lady Michelle Obama walk out and be seated nearby and then listen to President Barack Obama speak felt like a once-in-a-lifetime-moment (hopefully it won’t be). I wish I would have been allowed to take pictures but nevertheless I won’t be forgetting the moment. 


At the Capitol

THIRD, I’ve accumulated a list of “yeas” and “nays” for Washington D.C. living compared other places I have lived, specifically home in Texas. These are the things that I LOVE with a few things that I could do without.

1. Smithsonian/all Washington museums >

  • I am such a museum guru so if you’re like me, you’ll love the museum scene in Washington. There are so many and they’re all huge…in fact I have yet to completely browse through an entire museum. To top it off, all Smithsonian institutes are free.  The ones I’ve visited so far are the Natural History Museum,  Air and Space Museum, Freer Gallery of Art, African Art Museum, the Portrait Gallery, the National Archives, and the National Zoo. There are many more, I’m so excited to explore through all of them!

2. D.C. Metro System <

  • I have experienced so much frustration and despair due to this metro system. The trains are dependable during the week but on the weekend there is so much construction that it might be faster to walk from one place to another. I would rather sit in Austin traffic, no lie. Plus it’s more expensive than I would have thought. Grrr!

3. D.C. night scene >

  • I love the night scene here! The city has a high college intern population so there are several places to meet up with other students. Most of the places I’ve gone to have a mixed variety of people so the DJs play a variety of music, something that doesn’t really happen on Sixth Street (sorry, not sorry). The music is much better! I’ve had a lot of fun.

4. Snow <

  • It’s snowed twice since I’ve been here and work wasn’t cancelled. I’m over it.

5. Dress code >

  • No matter how cold it may be, the people of Washington will always dress to impress. I’ve witness the most stylish winter fashion everyday on my route to work. Whenever I head to the Capitol where it’s required that you wear a suit, I’m reminded that I’m definitely in the nation’s capital. As much as I love the snazzy wardrobes, I do miss the alternative style of Austin…yea for thrifting!

6. Safeway <

  • I finally found Walmart with my aunt today! Before this revelation I was grocery shopping at the local grocery store, Safeway, which is a joke compared to HEB. The food’s overpriced and there isn’t much of an assortment. HEB for the win, always.

7. Busboys & Poets >

  • Oh my goodness I love this place! I ate here for the first time today and it blows all other coffee shops, bookstores, poetry bars and restaurants out of the water. It’s a restaurant inspired by legendary poet, Langston Hughes, that brings social awareness while you dine and eat. It’s also a coffee shop AND a bookstore. During the evenings there are performances by poets, actors, and musicians. The food is delicious as well. If you’re ever in the area, definitely GO.

8. “You Guys” <

  • I grew up saying “you guys” until I discovered the beauty of the word, “y’all.” I still refuse to conform back to northern standards. I will always say Y’ALL.

9. Reporting at President Obama’s press conferences >

  • It just doesn’t get any better. I’ve been to many press conferences as a journalist and I usually try to avoid them because they’re usually pretty dull. Yet I will always volunteer to report on an event where President Barack Obama is present. He’s a great public speaker, a trait I hope to master, so I am always inspired when I’m in his presence.

10. Tourists <

  • I am in absolutely no place to be judging tourists since I’m still a newbie to the city but I still don’t like them clogging up my daily routine. They never know that you need to walk if you’re on the left side of the escalator!

11. Cleanliness >

  • D.C. is one of the cleanest cities I have every lived in. I’m so impressed with the lack of piles of trash in the streets and the musty smells that don’t exist.

If you have any opinions on any of these topics or have more to include, feel free to comment. Have a great Monday and let’s all pretend the Super Bowl never happened!


Before entering the House of Representatives chamber at the U.S. Capitol prepping for the State of the Union Address


Ice Skating at the Archives


My mentee from UT is here interning at CSPAN! As I mentioned, so many interns!



One of my favorite quotes in the Portrait Gallery.

One of my favorite quotes in the Portrait Gallery.


6 thoughts on “Yea or Nay

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow! You lead such an exciting life! I’m going to tell everyone I’m related to you, even ifs the six-degrees route of you being my sisters husbands brothers daughter! I think that makes you my niece-in-law twice removed. Or something. I dunno. Anyway, I agree with the “you guys” stuff. Y’all is a beautiful mono-syllabic method of addressing one,two, many or even zero people.

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