Prague Stays Busy, Rain or Shine


A man waits outside as the rain starts drizzling again.

Since arriving in the Czech Republic I’ve noticed that Prague receives a resource that we don’t commonly get in Central Texas: rain. The last few days have been cold and overcast, with spotty showers and the occasional heavy downpour. Despite the unfavorable weather, locals and tourists continue to grab their dogs, walk out their doors and head into the city to enjoy the outdoors. Comparatively, when it rains back home, Texans choose to stay indoors or zip their car to the absolute closest parking spot available to avoid any water-to-skin contact.

Even on a rainy day the Charles Bridge remained packed all day with tourists and vendors selling their goods. On average, Prague receives more rain than Texas, especially during the summer months. In fact, according to EU Climate Data, Prague receives 14 more inches of rain than annually than Texas. Since the locals are accustomed and prepared for the wet weather conditions it’s not likely that raindrops interfere with their prior plans. The city becomes decorated up with the vibrant colors and patterns on the umbrellas and hoods that cover people’s heads. Crowds still show up and the transportation system remains reliable, rather than slowing down its routes. Not much can keep the people of Prague away from the beautiful outdoors.

Over Here

A couple walks through Old Town after a long rainy day.

Over Here

A woman rushes up the stairs while a group of teenage girls huddle to stay warm next to the Charles Bridge.

Over Here

A motorist passes through the wet streets.




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