Sunset on the Old Town Bridge Tower

The view at 9:15pm from the Old Town Bridge Tower.

The view at 9:15pm from the Old Town Bridge Tower.

Standing on top of the Old Town Bridge Tower I slowly watched the sun set over the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge between 20:30 and 21:30. After climbing 138 stairs to the top, I definitely felt as though I had well deserved this amazing view of town.

 The Bridge Tower forms the gate to the Charles Bridge and was built in 1380 by Petr Parler, the same architect who built the Prague Castle. He originally built the tower as a form of defense and damage marks from Sweden’s 1648 attack during the Thirty Years War ruined the sculptures on the west wall of the tower. After receiving some bruising, the royal family decided that the High Gothic style building should be preserved. On the east wall, statues of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, King Wenceslas IV and St. Vitus watch over the people of Prague. On June 15, St. Vitus Day, the shadow of the lion’s head creates an eagle shape at the end of the day, which symbolizes the link between Bohemia and Moravia.  Above the arch are the coats of arms of all the lands that were party of the Holy Roman Empire during the reign of Charles IV.

The only part of the tower that wasn’t appealing was the number of large spiders that dwell up there. Still, it’s not enough to stop me from returning!



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