Best View in the City

A couple capturing the view of Prague.

A couple capturing the view of Prague.

Living in Prague for almost two weeks, my ears are now surprised to hear strangers speaking a language I know. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to overhear a tourist couple speaking American English.

According to the Czech Statistical Office, the highest number of foreign guests that visit Prague come from its neighbor, Germany, but American tourists are gaining speed. From 2006 to 2011, the number of Americans with temporary residence in the Czech Republic rose almost 30 percent. The growing American community is a result of several factors. Experts say Prague is becoming more attractive to Americans because it is affordable and conveniently located in the center of Europe, making travel easy. Business opportunities in Prague have also grown within recent years, allowing people to open their own mom-and-pop stores successfully. The city is divided into several zones and Prague 6 currently has the largest number of American citizens.

From what I’ve gathered from locals, Czechs don’t have many quarrels with Americans except that we are known to speak obnoxiously loud on the metro and have a lot of trouble pronouncing Czech names though. Besides those fixable quirks, Americans visitors and long-time residents are very welcome in Prague.


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