Art Culture in the Czech Republic


This morning we took a walking tour throughout the north part of Prague and were able to see the Prague Castle from several different perspectives. While walking through the gardens on the way up, I came across several people, who I assume are art students, drawing and sketching their surroundings or reading art book. With a charcoal pencil, a small easel, or book in hand several artists were illustrating nature.

Prague is home to the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague which was founded in 1799 by a decree passed by Emperor Franz I and is the Czech Republic’s oldest art school. The “Society of Patriotic Art Lovers,” a philanthropic fellowship of aristocrats helped initiate the creation of the school. They had also founded the National Gallery and aimed to lay the foundation for the preservation of Czech artwork. Initially it only offered drawing courses but it quickly expanded with programs in architecture, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Today it offers graduate education in modern and historic art as well as new media classes in film and computer animation. Basic classes are open to the public such as drawing and painting. Only about 330 students that attend the school so they are encouraged to take their studies outside of the classroom and into nature to refine their skills.

I was very impressed with the number of students dedicated to their craft so early in the day.


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