Tourist Season at the Prague Castle

Tourists take pictures of the view up near the Prague Castle.

Tourists take pictures of the view up near the Prague Castle.

On a tour through to the Prague Castle, our tour guide taught us that the Italian word, “belvedere,” translates to mean a space commanding a beautiful view. This helps explains why so many buildings near the Prague Castle attract herds of tourists on a daily basis. They head to the Castle to snap pictures of the amazing views and the beautiful scenery—even on the hottest day of the year. As a main symbol of Czech culture, the Castle grounds attract more than 6 million visitors each year.

Founded in the year 880 by Prince Borivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty, the Prague Castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world measuring at almost 70,000 meters squared in area. The Castle was the seat of the head of the state as well as the princes, kings, church representatives, and the Prague Bishop. We also learned that on the grounds, there are palaces and buildings ranging in various architectural styles such as Romanesque and Gothic. For the last 1200 years the Prague Castle has undergone renovations and architectural changes that make a combination of unique styles.

The Castle is open daily from 5am until midnight and all gardens are accessible during the summer tourist season. I found it very special going up to a building that was created so long ago. It’s not possible to do that in the United States since the official founding of the country doesn’t date as far back. There’s something very amazing about seeing a piece of history that is so old.


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