Vienna’s Naschmarkt

A group finishes selling their goods at the Vienna Naschmarkt

A woman finishes selling her goods at the Vienna Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is Vienna’s best-known and arguably most popular market. It has more than 400 stands and restaurants and vendors cover several blocks by setting up their tents, especially on the weekends. On Saturdays the culinary market combines with the flea market to suit an array of tastes. Bustling with sellers and buyers, it was enjoyable rummaging through all of the products on sale. One woman was selling old VHS tapes and another was selling exit signs that you see in restaurants or classrooms. Several stands resembled a large garage sale. While there were a lot of questionable items, there was also beautiful clothing, flower arrangements, jewelry, and of course, delicious food for sale.

The Naschmarkt purposely targets the younger crowd by providing entertainment including a DJ and free Wifi at many surrounding restaurants. For those who want to enjoy the architecture and beauty of the city, the market is conveniently located in the heart of Vienna’s most artistic district and is surrounded by Art Nouveau architecture. I walked away with a souvenir and some Indian food but there were a diverse assortment of food items. I also saw Asian shrimps, Italian cheeses, spices, and dried fruits. The market had almost everything one could think of buying and was the perfect way to enjoy lunch in Vienna.


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