Romance at the Prague Castle

A couple prepares for their wedding at the steps of the Prague Castle.

A couple prepares for their wedding at the steps of the Prague Castle.

After wrapping up our tour at the Castle today, I ran across three different bridal parties who really made the landscape of the Castle even more beautiful. Although there are several photogenic areas in the city where I have run across brides and grooms, the castle is one of the most popular places for couples to get married and take wedding photos in Prague.

Other romantic spots in Prague include Petrin Park, where the memorial of the poet, Karel Hynek Macha, graces couples who are in love. It is said that those who share a kiss at the base of the statue will stay in love forever. The statue also represents immortal youth and young love. Near the Charles Bridge in Kampa are the infamous lovelocks, where lovers hang their padlocks as a sign of eternal love. The locks fill up an entire block of railings in many different colors and messages. At sunset, you can also see lamp-lighters wearing period costumes and lighting up the lanterns of the city.Lastly, many couples are wed at Troja Chateau, a beautiful garden with Baroque architecture surrounding it. In the Fata Morgana greenhouse not only are visitors greeted with beautiful flowers and trees, but also with butterflies. Its monumental staircase is called the stairway to heaven.

The high number of romantic spots around town is either a lover’s dream or a single person’s nightmare.


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