Twirling at the Prague Opera House


As a former ballerina, the highlight of my day was going to see Sleeping Beauty, the ballet, at the Prague State Opera House. It is still remarkable to me how the dancers can make every move look so flawless and the orchestra can always stay on key. Both the dancing and music were beautiful and it was well worth the 140 krowns we paid to see it (what a steal!).

The State Opera house was founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in 1992 but was originally opened in 1888 as the New German Theatre. In the 1930s with the Nazi threat growing, the theater served as a place of refuge for artists fleeing Germany. Unfortunately the theater closed in 1938 due to financial problems. It reopened in 1945 after the fall of the Nazi-led government. In 2003 the opera’s ballet corp merged with the Prague Chamber Ballet company to create the Prague State Opera Ballet.

I noticed that the opera house was full and people came very well-dressed. From what I have heard around the city the opera house is a popular leisure activity for locals and tourists in the city and I cans see why.


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