People Watching on Petrin Hill

Children playing in Petrin Hill.

Children playing on Petrin Hill.

Confession: My assignment for this day was to capture a moment in the morning. In reality, this image was taken at 4pm because I am not a morning person at all (sorry). As usual this weekend, there were children throughout the park, running around and playing in the gardens. At this particular moment a man making giant bubbles allowed the surrounding kids to take the reigns and try to create bubbles themselves. While all the other kids made massive bubbles, the boy in the orange couldn’t get the hang of it—his bubbles kept popping immediately. His parents cheered him on from the sidelines and his brother even tried to help,  but no success. After several attempts and impatient looks from other children, the “bubble man” in charge stepped in to help the young boy and his brother. Together, they made the biggest bubble of the group. You can tell from the excitement and amazement on his face that this was, indeed, a glorious moment.

Petrin Hill is entirely covered in parks and within the parks are key sights such as the Petrin lookout tower, Hunger Wall, St. Lawrence Cathedral, and the Stefanik Observatory. To get up the top of the hill, which is about 130 meters above the Vltava River, visitors can either walk or take the funicular which provides a beautiful view of the hill and city as they rise. With horse rides and a mirror maze, it’s no wonder Petrin Hill is such a hot spot for kids.


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