Prague Church Tour

Two visitors kneel down to pray.

Two visitors kneel to pray in front of the infant Jesus of Prague.

Today on our church tour, I visited one of the most beautiful spots in Prague. We visited the Church of our Lady of Victory where the famous statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague is housed. The church is one of the most notable Catholic churches in the world because of this. In fact, Professor Darling described this church as “Disneyland” for Catholics.

Construction for the church began in 1611 by Lutherans and in 1613 it was dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity. In 1620 after the Battle of the White Mountain, which marked the victory of the imperial, Emperor Ferdinand II handed to the church over and it was dedicated to Our Lady of Victory and St. Anthony of Padua. Today and for the last hundreds of years, people come on pilgrimage from all over the world to worship the Child Jesus; even during the communist period. Hundreds of thousands of believers visit the church each year for healing, help and peace. The church claims that it is a place where “the peace of Jesus radiates out to the whole world.” Services are still held in the church on Sundays in Czech, English, French, Italian, and Spanish.


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