Final Days


A couple shares a moment along the Vltava River at dusk.

It’s always bittersweet when new experiences transition into memories. Today marks my last day in Prague and as I reflect back, I remember coming to the city with a lot of expectations of what my experience would be like. Luckily all of my expectations were incorrect. My experience surpassed my original thoughts, which I appreciate. This image was taken at dusk, my favorite time of day in Prague. Around 9:00pm in the evening, the sun starts to set and is usually completely down between 9:45pm and 10:00pm (or rather, 21:45 and 22:00). I will miss how the city gradually lights up with street lamps and the castle glows, while the colors in the sky change from pink, to purple, to indigo.

I will miss is the seeing the loving couples walking around with their hands interlocked together. I spoke about this in a previous post but I will reiterate how romantic the city is. It’s particularly interesting because  in general, Czech people aren’t as expressive as Americans. But couples, like the one featured in this picture, are very affectionate in public.  Walking through a park you’ll come across many lovebirds nestled in their designated areas. Prague apartments and homes are typically very small and parks often provide a more private resort than home.

A big thank you to Professor Darling for all his help this past month; I feel as though I’ve grown significantly in my photojournalism skills and this experience has inspired me to buy a camera of my own. I enjoyed our excursions and the structure of the class. His guidance is much appreciated because this has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Old Town Square lighting up at dusk.

Old Town Square lighting up at dusk.



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